Why Singapore Is One Of The Best Places To Live

Singapore, a relatively younger country which obtained its independence in 1965, is considered one of the best places to live by many Asians as well as non-Asians. It is one of the best portrayals of ‘modern society’ and is quite inviting for those who love the city life. Apart from its urban vibe here are some of the reasons why Singapore may be one of the best places to live in.

The Culture
With so many people from diverse nationalities living in Singapore it has become a cultural melting pot that is reflection of all of its residents. This allows you to experience many different cultures by simply staying in one place. It also gives access to many diverse goods and especially services. If you want to find a Korean or Mandarin playgroup for your kids for instance it would be easier to find one in Singapore than in other countries.

The Food
The food is as diverse as the culture in Singapore, if not more. You could probably find food from every main cuisine available in this country. From European to Chinese to Japanese to Indian, the choices you have with regard to your meals are more than enough reason to permanently settle down there. Singapore is also big on the street food culture, making it easy to have casual meals that are hygienic as well as diverse. On the other end of the spectrum, Singapore is also home to quite a few internationally recognized chefs.

The Events and Attractions
Singapore plays host to a whole lot of events and festivals each year with the Singapore food festival and the Formula One races beings some of the most prominent. Singapore also sees quite a lot of concerts from international artists ranging from American singers to Japanese rock bands to Kpop boy bands. While most people from other countries wishing for their favourite bands to come perform at their hometown, Singapore fans are spoilt for choice. In addition Singapore has many attractions such as Marina Bay, Universal Studios, the Merlion and the Gardens by the Bay which will ensure that you will never be at a lack for things to do during your weekends, check this safe baby playgroups.

The Level of Safety
Singapore is world renowned for its strict laws and is considered by many to be a very safe country. The crime rates of Singapore are very low, and most people feel that it’s safe enough to let their children walk on the streets in the night. Singapore is also very strict when it comes to their drug laws in particular, and is therefore a great place to settle down if you have young kids.