Four Ways To Improve Order Picking Efficiency

According to current trends, customers are making more orders but in smaller quantities. Though this has increased the income level for order picking services, it has also increased their maintenance costs. This applies mainly to costs of maintaining employee satisfaction levels, since the number of employees have increased over time due to increased number of orders. Thus, in order to increase warehouse productivity industrial operators have come up with various techniques that can improve picking operations. The following are some of them.

Reduce Travelling Time
Industrialists have found that the less time you spend on travelling and transporting the orders, the more money you will be able to make. This is true considering the fact that when taking longer routes, employees are only able to complete less number of orders. Thus, operators need to combine orders and transport them in a single tour than taking separate travel times for each individual order. This is the main reason why some warehouses use batch and cluster picking techniques.
Use Ground Level Order Picking
It has been found that it is easier to pick up orders horizontally than to do vertical picking. It has been used as a benchmark standard for long period of time and has resulted in high productivity levels. If you have an order picker licence then you would know that this is the mostly commonly used method in all warehouses. But in some cases, warehouses lack the proper foundation and grounding to do horizontal picking and therefore do not have a choice and thus pick up orders vertically.
Improve Hit Density
Operators with an order picker licence who have worked in the field for many years state that the pick productivity is correlated to pick density. That is, the productivity will be higher if the user chooses a few number such as 10 instead of a 100. This is why warehouses are concerned about the temperature and velocity rates within the space. For instance, they use wider aisles which helps with congestion and increase production speed hence, production efficiency.
Use Proper Forms of Storage
There are some rules that are applicable during storage. After conducting an in-depth scientific research on the speed of cube movement, it has been found that racking should be the method if the pace is fast while smaller forms of storage should be used for slower speeds.
Since the above mentioned techniques and measures are scientifically proven, by following these reliable and effective methods, the efficiency and the productivity of an order picking service can be increased to a great extent.